Professional Membership

DBKM has core competencies in the following areas:

• Engineering, Procurement and Construct infrastructure projects

• Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies including appraisal of economic and financial viability for infrastructure projects

• Electrical/C&I engineering

• Mechanical engineering

• Bridges and highways

• Building structures and property development

• Civil engineering

• Project management

• Public-Private partnerships (PPP) advisory services

• Quantity surveying

DBKM operates in the following markets:

1. Power Generation (Coal, Hydro, Wind);

2. Power transmission and Distribution;

3. Transportation (Highways, bridges, rail-passenger and non-passenger, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Airports, Ports);

4. Water and sanitation;

5. Buildings and structures;

6. Urban residential infrastructure;

7. Industrial projects (Mining, manufacturing and process plants);

8. Medical facilities;

9. Education facilities;

10. Urban and rural planning and development;

11. Project management;

12. Sports Facilities.